MediaPlace has broad experience in the areas of digital signage, digital menu boards, touchscreen content, and video walls. We work with hardware, software, and environmental design to deliver content experiences that wow clients and audiences alike.

We combine technology and creativity to deliver world class content. We deliver vital information and inspire viewers of all kinds.

MediaPlace provides easy to use, templated content solutions. We also offer fully custom production to meet any client needs.


Our digital signage solutions combine creativity, technology, hardware and software for best in the business solutions that reach customers and audiences in innovative ways. Come learn how our experience and insight can benefit your existing digital signage efforts, or help you build a new network from the ground up.


Easy to use, off the shelf templates – to fully customized, dynamically updated with automatic updated pricing through CSS and HTML. Our Digital Menu Board solutions are powerful, efficient, and scaleable. Employ them in a single location or nationally, as many of our clients do.


Creating best in class user experiences requires a full understanding of each project’s goals. Who will engage the interaction? Where are they? What are their expectations? Knowing these answers are the key to designing a successful interactive engagement.

We combine great content with great technology to deliver wow factor inspiration, education, and branded memories. Talk with us today about your goals.


MediaPlace combines the best creative design with cutting edge technology to deliver video solutions that awe the viewer. We analyze the environment, the audience, then work with select technology to make sure that the hardware, software and effects all work seamlessly to deliver a best in the business product.

Talk with us today about video wall content, hardware, software, or any of these individual needs.


Our in-house creative team has a wealth of experience in crafting original projects from the ground up. We start with concepts, scripting and storyboarding. Then we execute casting, locations work, and filming. We also develop dynamic animations on a large scale, such as stadium projects, or smaller scale, such as individual digital screens. We can handle any project from broadcast series to social media campaigns.

Talk with us today about your goals and let’s craft an approach that exceeds your expectations.